In collaboration with leaders in shelving systems, we conduct a thorough analysis of customer needs, emphasizing the selection of individual solutions and ensuring the highest quality of installed equipment. We offer solutions tailored to store containers, racks, boxes, and large-sized items, ensuring that all goods and products are stored safely and conveniently. We provide comprehensive solutions by selecting partially or fully automated shelving systems that meet your needs. We offer optimal shelving layout solutions tailored to specific requirements, increasing storage capacity and allowing for additional expansion as needs change.


Mezzanine Structures and Platforms

This shelving system is designed for storing cargo when it is necessary to maximize the storage space. Platforms make it easy to assemble a multi-level storage structure without the need for construction work. Mezzanine structures are highly stable, creating additional storage, administrative, production, or other-purpose rooms above the existing storage space. The platform systems connect levels with ladders, stairs, lifts, and the spaces between columns allow easy work and movement, facilitating the use of storage equipment.

Traditional storage racks for euro pallets

Racks for Euro pallets

Standard Euro pallet rack structures can reach heights of up to 14 meters. This is the most commonly used and effective method of storage, allowing the storage of goods of various sizes and weights on Euro pallets or other pallets. Traditional Euro pallet shelving is suitable for both small storage spaces and large logistics centers. These versatile racks allow for the storage of a large variety of high-turnover goods, forming a universal system that allows for easy access to any pallet. Euro pallet shelving is known for its easy assembly and reconfiguration, making it easy to adapt to individual needs by selecting the appropriate rack height or spacing between shelves.

Storage racks for long goods

Cantilever Racks

Racks are designed for the storage of oversized items such as metal strips, sheets, pipes, or other non-standard-sized products. Cantilever racks can store items of different lengths. Cantilever racks can be single-sided or double-sided with different layouts of storage levels. Racks can be extended and easily adapted to changing product assortments, providing direct access to all items. Cantilever racks are also suitable for outdoor use.


Gravitational racks

Gravity flow racks are often used for storing FMCG products and in cases of high product turnover, such as in the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries. This is a tunnel storage system that operates on the FIFO (First in First out) principle. This system is recommended for installation in warehouses where a large quantity of identical pallets needs to be moved, with one side loading pallets and the other side unloading them. The gravity flow racks optimize warehouse space utilization, with storage space utilization reaching up to 80% of the entire warehouse area. By using gravity flow racks: warehouse volume is optimized, the functions of product loading and unloading are separated, time resources are saved for pallet placement and removal, and the monitoring of product expiration dates and production series is facilitated. Gravity flow racks are suitable for use in cold storage rooms

„Drive-in“ and „Drive-through" Storage Racks

Drive-In Racks

These systems are installed when there is a need to store large quantities of pallets, maximizing storage space without any gaps between them, and ensuring access to stored products. Drive-in racks come in two types: Drive-In and Drive-Through. The Drive-In rack system is suitable for working with the Last In, First Out (LIFO) method, where the first pallet placed is the last to be removed, making it more suitable for storing one type of goods for extended periods. The Drive-Through system is designed to work with the First In, First Out (FIFO) method, where the first pallet placed is the first to be removed. Pallets are loaded and pushed into the tunnel, and they are unloaded on the other side. This system is recommended for companies with rapid product turnover. These rack systems are serviced exclusively by storage equipment. An electric pallet truck (Shuttle) can be used in the rack system, which independently transports pallets within the rack section. Additional rack protection helps the storage equipment move in the right direction and protects the storage equipment from direct impacts.


Archive Shelving

Lightweight construction racks are designed for storing files and boxes without the need for pallets. Archival racks are assembled on a mobile base system, allowing racks to be made conveniently accessible, mobile, and efficiently used in storage or archive spaces, with minimal aisle space left. Archival rack rows are easy to manage, thanks to the unique gear construction, it is very easy to move rows of racks to another location and access the required documents or goods. This is an ideal solution when space needs to be saved, and quick access to documents or goods is required. Archival racks can save up to 60-70% of storage space without losing access to any rack location. Archival racks are widely used in libraries, accounting departments, design firms, banks, hospitals, and other institutions with a large amount of stored documents. Additionally, archival racks are installed in warehouses when storing a large quantity of goods without pallets.


Light Racking

Light racking units are the most popular choice for storing small, differently sized items manually. Due to their universal design and attractive appearance, lightweight shelving units are used very flexibly and widely, including as archival shelving for various documents in offices, in small storage areas, in retail spaces for displaying products, in car service facilities for storing small items or displaying and storing tires, for hanging and displaying clothing, and in households for setting up storage shelves. Lightweight shelving units are easy to disassemble, reconfigure, extend, or narrow, making them a flexible solution for storage space.


Rack Protection

Rack protection is an essential solution for protecting racks from mechanical damage. When planning expenses, it is a necessary investment that reduces the costs of floor repairs in warehouses or the replacement of rack columns. Additional rack protection helps storage equipment move in the right direction and protects the storage equipment from direct impacts, which are inevitable.

We not only design new storage spaces but also offer solutions that can be integrated with the customer’s existing equipment, meeting the need for updates or expansions of storage areas. The range of possibilities is constantly updated to meet changing market demands and our customers’ requirements. We offer a comprehensive solution – customizable semi or fully automated shelving systems along with a suitable warehouse management system, tailored to your needs from expectations clarification to full equipment installation and personnel training.

For detailed information and a proposal tailored specifically to your needs, please contact:, +370 610 22419 

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